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Kristen Greenberg


1619 S Kentucky, Ste. C-370

Amarillo, TX 79102

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About Kristen

With a dynamic background that spans various industries, Kristen's journey into real estate was a deliberate pursuit of her passion. From her early days as a realtor, where she honed her skills in client service and market analysis, to her tenure at a top investor real estate company, Kristen has cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies of the housing market and the nuances of real estate transactions.

Her time in real estate has been marked by a commitment to building lasting relationships and a keen ability to navigate complex deals with finesse. Kristen's role as a realtor allowed her to develop a sharp eye for opportunities and a knack for negotiation, while her experience with a prominent investor real estate company provided her with invaluable insights into the dynamics of real estate investing and property management.

However, Kristen's story extends far beyond her professional accomplishments. Her heart is deeply rooted in her role as a wife and mother, finding immeasurable joy in her little family's presence. Kristen's commitment to her loved ones mirrors her dedication to her work, infusing every interaction with warmth and sincerity.

In addition to her passion for real estate, Kristen finds fulfillment in exploring all that Amarillo has to offer with her family. Their shared experiences and adventures reflect Kristen's belief in the importance of cherishing life's moments and creating lasting memories.

As Kristen embarks on this new chapter with DeBault Title, she brings not only her expertise but also her genuine care for others. Her ability to forge meaningful connections and her unwavering commitment to serving others make her a valuable asset to our team.

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