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Michael DeBault


1619 S Kentucky, Ste. C-370

Amarillo, TX 79102

About Michael 

Michael DeBault is a highly experienced and seasoned title officer with an illustrious career spanning 30 years in the real estate industry in Amarillo, Texas. Throughout his impressive tenure, he has become a trusted authority in title management, earning the respect of peers and clients alike.


Michael's career in the title industry began in 1993 when he joined a reputable title company in Amarillo. With a passion for real estate and a keen eye for detail, he quickly established himself as a valuable asset to the company.

Throughout his career, Michael has stayed ahead of the curve by continuously updating his knowledge of the ever-changing real estate laws and regulations. His deep understanding of the title industry has proven crucial in avoiding pitfalls and ensuring successful property transfers for his clients.


Michael’s ability to navigate through challenging situations has been a significant advantage in the real estate landscape. Clients appreciate his strong leadership, clear communication, and patient guidance throughout the transaction process. His commitment to delivering exceptional customer service has earned him a loyal clientele and respect from industry peers. He has developed strong working relationships with real estate agents, attorneys, lenders, and other stakeholders, making him a sought-after collaborator for various real estate transactions.


Outside of his professional achievements, Michael is happily married to his wife, Brooke DeBault. They share 3 wonderful kids together and enjoy watching baseball games, going fishing, and entering car shows with their kids on the weekends. Michael was born and raised in Amarillo. He takes an active interest in giving back to the Panhandle Community and has volunteered his time and resources to support local charitable events and community initiatives, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the office.


As a seasoned title officer with an unparalleled wealth of experience and an unwavering dedication to his profession, Michael DeBault continues to be a driving force in the Amarillo, Texas real estate landscape. His expertise, combined with his genuine care for his clients, positions him as a trustworthy partner for anyone navigating the complexities of real estate transactions in the region.

What people are saying...

"I have been using Michael Debault for closing and title insurance needs for approximately 20 years for personal transactions and for my clients. As a former Realtor, I have always been impressed with his professionalism and character and will continue to seek and recommend his services in the future!"


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